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Gourmet Oatmeal Breakfast Bombs Cocoa Bombs with Oatmeal! Healthy breakfast option. Great for B&B's, breakfast parties, brunch, holidays

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Due to the temperature fluctuations between destinations, this is the best option for our products. Each bomb is wrapped individually for sanitary purposes and are then packaged in a bakery box.

I am sure you’re wondering what an oatmeal bomb is! It is very similar to a hot chocolate bomb. You take a chocolate shell, either white, milk, or dark chocolate or vanilla yogurt coating, and fill it with oatmeal and toppings or flavors of your choosing. The possibilities are endless! To serve: Add your oatmeal bomb to a bowl, pour hot milk or water over it, and watch it melt into a delicious, flavorful breakfast!

We pack all of our boxes that will be shipped with extra packing materials. We are not responsible for the chocolate melting or breakage. If you live in a warmer climate, it is recommended you purchase a cold pack for shipping. Each order is for 2

Manufactured in an environment with eggs, nuts, etc. These contain oats, which are not typically celiac friendly.


We ship PRIORITY mail, either 3 day UPS or USPS Priority.

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