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Gourmet Cake Balls PREMIER FLAVORS - Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day, Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings

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Price is per dozen for PREMIER FLAVORS (ONE FLAVOR). Freshly made to order cake balls!

Each is approximately 1.3 oz and a little bigger than a donut hole. Choice of cake flavors, all custom made recipes! Covered in your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate and drizzled/decorated usually for the current holiday month.

Custom orders will have higher prices due to additional supplies necessary. Packaged in mini-cupcake containers and typically shipped within 3 days of ordering - see below (if you need anything customized such as colors etc., please contact me as I'm happy to do custom/large orders).

Please make sure someone will be at the shipping destination to receive the package once you have an expected delivery date. I cannot be responsible for packages left out in the sun or heat. I do my best with precautionary measures, but once the package is shipped, it is out of my hands. This also applies to delivery delays beyond my control so please order in plenty of time for delivery to make it to you (including my processing time) prior to your event. In most cases items will be shipped Monday-Wednesday.

Shipped via USPS Priority or UPS service and tracking will be provided once the item has been shipped.



We ship PRIORITY mail, either 3 day UPS or USPS Priority.

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