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Dipped, Dunked & Drizzled

Sweet Surprise Confections offers a wide variety of chocolate covered and chocolate dipped treats. These are STARTING PRICES and can vary depending on design difficulty. Minimum order for all chocolate dipped, dunked and/or drizzled items is 1 dozen (12) per item.


$2.75 each. Sprinkles, stripes or plain.
$3.00 each. Custom printed designs.


$1.50 each for sourdough (traditional shape) pretzels. Sprinkles, stripes, or plain.
$1.75 each for pretzel rods. Sprinkles, stripes, or plain.
$2.50 each for caramel pretzels. Sprinkles, striped or plain. Caramel pretzels have a twist design that is caused by the caramel wrapped around the pretzel before being dipped and decorated.

Rice Krispie Treats

$2.00 each. Sprinkles, stripes, or plain.
$2.25 each for custom printed designs.


$2.00 each. Sprinkles, stripes, or plain

Chocolate Smashes

Small and medium are double sided and sealed. Large is open back, placed on a cake board. Small and medium are the only sizes we will ship. These are filled with your choice of candy or a mix. 

$7.50 each for small. Drizzle and sprinkles vary depending on season.
$20.00 each for medium. Drizzle and sprinkles. Custom lettering additional $5. 
$30.00 each for large. Drizzle and sprinkles. Custom lettering additional $5

  • Chocolate Covered Oreos

    Sold by the half dozen and decorated with the current month's holiday (unless specified)

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  • Chocolate "Smashes"

    Smashes are all the rage for birthday parties, gender reveals, holidays and more!

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  • Party Packs

    Great for parties and corporate events!

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